Secrets of Selling Door to Door Review
by Chris Adams

Product Overview

The Secrets of Selling Door to Door is an online sales training course by Carl Davidson. This training is designed specially for door to door salesman or for people who want to get started in this business. It teaches you how to pitch your products successfully for increased sales and how to overcome the challenges and the common objections that comes with door to door selling.

What You Get

Once you purchase the Secrets of Selling Door to Door, you will be sent an email with a link to the videos for the course. You will be given unlimited access to these videos for 6 months. The videos are in .FLV flash format and are about 2 hours long. You can simply use Windows Media Player or other compatible software to start viewing the videos.

Some of the topics in the training videos include how to interest your customers before you begin, how to make the correct opening pitch, how to make power presentations, guaranteed powerful closes that work, reasonable goals and time management and a lot more.

Unlimited email support is also included once you make a purchase. If ever you have any additional questions regarding the sales training, you can simply send them an email.

Persons Behind It

Carl Davidson has been a sales trainer for many years and a lot of companies have used his products including large well-known corporations like General Electric, Volvo, Barden Homes and many others. He has also produced hundreds of sales training books and training videos. Aside from those he has also produced several live seminars and workshops that make sales training enjoyable and understandable to everyone. Before becoming a sales trainer, Carl has sold water softeners and drinking water systems door to door for many years, so you can be sure that he speaks from experience.


The Secrets of Selling Door to Door comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, or if you feel that it has not helped you gain more sales at all, you can simply return it within 60 days and get a refund, no questions asked.

What I Like

Before deciding if you want to purchase the product or not, you are given several options to contact them for more information regarding the sales training videos. You can simply send in an email or give them a call at the number provided in their website.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. If you are looking for an effective door to door salest training course, we highly recommend trying out the Secrets of Selling Door to Door. This online training course contains everything you need to know to successfully start selling door to door or to help you increase your sales if you are already in the business. It comes with a good money-back guarantee so you can be sure that there’s nothing to lose if you want to give it a try.